Old Dentistry

With the use of advanced dental materials, your old silver fillings can be removed and replaced with a strong chemically bonded material that can be matched to the color of your tooth making it appear nearly invisible. Old “bulky” crowns can be replaced with new, natural-looking ines. Old, discolored, “fake-looking” veneers can be updated using newer, stronger materials and will make your smile look even more beautiful.


The loss of a single tooth can have a major impact on your dental health and personal appearance. When one or more teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can shift out of their normal position. These teeth are often more susceptible to decay or gum disease because they are more difficult to clean around. All of this shifting and drifting will lead to changes in the bite, which may put stress on the jaws, muscles, and teeth. A non-removable bridge can restore your teeth to normal function by replacing missing teeth. It will improve the entire health of your mouth by keeping the surrounding teeth in position and can also help maintain the structure of your face and jaw.


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